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The Possibilities of True Prayer, Part 3 (TPMD Bus 2 – #611)

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TODAY’S POEM: “Behold Us, Lord, a Little Space” by John Ellerton

Our prayer motivator passage from the Word of God today is II Chronicles 7:12-15.

Our featured prayer motivator quote is from C. H. Spurgeon. He said: “We must remember that the goal of prayer is the ear of God. Unless that is gained the prayer has utterly failed. The utterings of it may have kindled devotional feeling in our minds, the hearing of it may have comforted and strengthened the hearts of those with whom we have prayed, but if the prayer has not gained the heart of God, it has failed in its essential purpose.”

My personal encouragement for you today is this: The only discipline of the Christian faith that we are told to do “without ceasing” in I Thessalonians 5:17. Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, esteemed this matter of prayer very highly. Allow me to remind you that on one occasion Jesus got up a great while before day and prayed. Mark 1:35 states, “And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.” If Jesus Christ had to pray so earnestly, there is no doubt that we, His followers, ought to pray as well.

Our prayer motivator devotional today is titled “THE POSSIBILITIES OF TRUE PRAYER” part 3 from the book, “Purpose in Prayer” by E.M. Bounds.

The possibilities of prayer are found in its allying itself with the purposes of God, for God’s purposes and man’s praying are the combination of all potent and omnipotent forces. More than this, the possibilities of prayer are seen in the fact that it changes the purposes of God. It is in the very nature of prayer to plead and give directions. Prayer is not a negation. It is a positive force. It never rebels against the will of God, never comes into conflict with that will, but that it does seek to change God’s purpose is evident. Christ said, “The cup which My Father hath given Me shall I not drink it” and yet He had prayed that very night, “If it be possible let this cup pass from Me.” Paul sought to change the purposes of God about the thorn in his flesh. God’s purposes were fixed to destroy Israel, and the prayer of Moses changed the purposes of God and saved Israel. In the time of the Judges Israel were apostate and greatly oppressed. They repented and cried unto God and He said: “Ye have forsaken Me and served other gods, wherefore I will deliver you no more:” but they humbled themselves, put away their strange gods, and God’s “soul was grieved for the misery of Israel,” and he sent them deliverance by Jephthah.

God sent Isaiah to say to Hezekiah, “Set thine house in order: for thou shalt die, and not live.” and Hezekiah prayed, and God sent Isaiah back to say, “I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears; behold I will add unto thy days fifteen years.” “Yet forty days and Nineveh shall be overthrown,” was God’s message by Jonah. But Nineveh cried mightily to God, and “God repented of the evil that He had said He would do unto them; and He did it not.”

The Prayer Motivator Minute #589

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E.M. Bounds said, “Prayer puts God in the matter with commanding force.”

Our prayer motivator passage from the Word of God today is Proverbs 15:29 which reads: “The LORD is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous.”

Our prayer motivator quote today is from Eben Alexander. He said: “Communicating with God is the most extraordinary experience imaginable, yet at the same time it’s the most natural one of all, because God is present in us at all times. Omniscient, omnipotent, personal-and loving us without conditions. We are connected as One through our divine link with God.”

The Possibilities of True Prayer, Part 2 (TPMD Bus 2 – #610)

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TODAY’S POEM: “Pray When the Morn is Breaking” by Jane C. Simpson.

Today, we are completing David’s prayer found in 1 Chronicles 17:18-27 which reads.

Our featured prayer motivator quote is from Samuel Chadwick. He said: “There is no power like that of prevailing prayer, of Abraham pleading for Sodom, Jacob wrestling in the stillness of the night, Moses standing in the breach, Hannah intoxicated with sorrow, David heartbroken with remorse and grief, Jesus in sweat of blood. Add to this list from the records of the church your personal observation and experience, and always there is the cost of passion unto blood. Such prayer prevails. It turns ordinary mortals into men of power. It brings power. It brings fire. It brings rain. It brings life. It brings God.”

My personal encouragement for you today is this: A Christian cannot have a victorious, overcoming, and vibrant life without prayer. Of course, there are other important things a Christian needs as well such as the Word of God, the local church, and fellowship with other believers. But if we are to be successful in all of these areas, we must undergird these things with prayer.

Our prayer motivator devotional today is titled “THE POSSIBILITIES OF TRUE PRAYER” part 2 from the book, “Purpose in Prayer” by E.M. Bounds.

It is not an easy thing to pray. Back of the praying there must lie all the conditions of prayer. These conditions are possible, but they are not to be seized on in a moment by the prayerless. Present they always may be to the faithful and holy, but cannot exist in nor be met by a frivolous, negligent, laggard spirit. Prayer does not stand alone. It is not an isolated performance. Prayer stands in closet connection with all the duties of an ardent piety. It is the issuance of a character which is made up of the elements of a vigorous and commanding faith. Prayer honours God, acknowledges His being, exalts His power, adores His providence, secures His aid. A sneering half-rationalism cries out against devotion, that it does nothing but pray. But to pray well is to do all things well. If it be true that devotion does nothing but pray, then it does nothing at all. To do nothing but pray fails to do the praying, for the antecedent, coincident, and subsequent conditions of prayer are but the sum of all the energised forces of a practical, working piety.

The possibilities of prayer run parallel with the promises of God. Prayer opens an outlet for the promises, removes the hindrances in the way of their execution, puts them into working order, and secures their gracious ends. More than this, prayer like faith, obtains promises, enlarges their operation, and adds to the measure of their results. God’s promises were to Abraham and to his seed, but many a barren womb, and many a minor obstacle stood in the way of the fulfillment of these promises; but prayer removed them all, made a highway for the promises, added to the facility and speediness of their realisation, and by prayer the promise shone bright and perfect in its execution.

The Prayer Motivator Minute #588

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James O. Fraser said, “Praying without faith is like trying to cut with a blunt knife — much labor expended to little purpose.”

Our prayer motivator passage from the Word of God today is Psalm 102:2 which reads: “Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”

Our prayer motivator quote today is from Adam Clarke. He said, “Prayer is not designed to inform God, but to give man a sight of his misery; to humble his heart, to excite his desire, to inflame his faith, to animate his hope, to raise his soul from earth to heaven.”

The Possibilities of True Prayer, Part 1 (TPMD Bus 2 – #609)

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TODAY’S POEM: “Others” by Charles D. Meigs

Our prayer motivator passage from the Word of God today is 1 Chronicles 17:16-27.

Our featured prayer motivator quote is from D.A. Carson. He said: “We don’t drift into spiritual life; we do not drift into disciplined prayer. We do not grow in prayer unless we plan to pray. That means we must set aside time to do nothing but pray. What we actually do reflects our highest priorities. That means that we can proclaim our commitment to prayer until the cows come home, but unless we actually pray, our actions disown our words.”

My personal encouragement for you today is this: Our world is changing in sometimes surprising and very destructive ways. Unless we, the people of God, stand together and form a firewall of intercessory prayer in our society, not only will God’s judgment destroy our country and our world, but our country and the world will begin to destroy itself from the inside out.

Our prayer motivator devotional today is titled “THE POSSIBILITIES OF TRUE PRAYER” part 1 from the book, “Purpose in Prayer” by E.M. Bounds.

It may be said with emphasis that no lazy saint prays. Can there be a lazy saint? Can there be a prayerless saint? Does not slack praying cut short sainthood’s crown and kingdom? Can there be a cowardly soldier? Can there be a saintly hypocrite? Can there be virtuous vice? It is only when these possibilities are brought into being that we then can find a prayerless saint.

To go through the motion of praying is a dull business, though not a hard one. To say prayers in a decent, delicate way is not heavy work. But to pray really, to pray till hell feels the ponderous stroke, to pray till the iron gates of difficulty are opened, till the mountains of obstacles are removed, till the mists are exhaled and the clouds are lifted, and the sunshine of a cloudless day brightens—this is hard work, but it is God’s work and man’s best labour. Never was the toil of hand, head and heart less spent in vain than when praying. It is hard to wait and press and pray, and hear no voice, but stay till God answers. The joy of answered prayer is the joy of a travailing mother when a man child is born in to the world, the joy of a slave whose chains have been burst asunder and to whom new life and liberty have just come.

A bird’s-eye view of what has been accomplished by prayer shows what we lost when the dispensation of real prayer was substituted by Pharisaical pretence and sham; it shows, too, how imperative is the need for holy men and women who will give themselves to earnest, Christlike praying.

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